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Why should you book with us?

Because we are

the exclusive gay owned and operated

travel agency in Costa Rica!


It’s been more than 9 years since we started offering unique travel experiences to passengers from all over the world to the Pura Vida country, proudly delivering the highest service standards in every single one of our tours, using the best properties for your lodging, the most well-rounded partners for unique tour experiences, and the best transportation services that will take you from north to south, east, and west.


We offer personalized services for individuals, groups of travelers that need special packages, and of course, everything you might need for your meetings, incentives, special events, weddings, honeymoons, and so much more! 


All of our partners and contractors understand that every customer must be respected and be given equal high quality services in every way possible.


Since we are proud members of various international LGBTQI+ organizations such as IGLTA, NGLCC, and the local Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica (CCDCR), we make sure all of our suppliers and partners take diversity and inclusion as part of their values.


All of our commercial suppliers receive an endorsement from the CCDCR as “Companies Free from Discrimination”, which honor their inclusive policies by having their staff learn about the values and principles of the LGBTQI+ community worldwide, which translates in providing every single customer with great services regardless of their sexual preferences or gender identity.

What are you waiting for? make your bags and come to Costa Rica 

For questions and fast response call us or write to us

       +506 8829-7237

E-mail us:


Our Mission

To provide all our travelers unique experiences that will make them feel safe because their sexuality will not be reason for disrespect or discrimination within the use of all our services, making their trip a one-of-a-kind.

Our Vision

To become the only travel choice for the LGBTQI+ community that seeks the experiences to be lived while visiting Costa Rica for leisure, business, special events, or a mix of the previous.

Our Values

Loyalty towards our business partners and towards our clients.

Great services in every travel inquiry that our customers use and request.

Bold experiences offered to everyone within the LGBTQI+ community and beyond.

Transparency in each of the quotes we provide, transactions and final purchases.

Qualified staff that will fulfill desires and needs according to each specific request.

Integral respect and no discrimination policies towards anyone that does or does not identify as part of the LGBTQI+ community.

+ 506 8829-7237                         e-mail:                         24hours

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