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Together we can help you to take the best decisions and serve you Costa Rica in a plate.

Are you planning to switch from your home country  to your second home? Move to Costa Rica!

Gay Costa Rica will help you make your move to Costa Rica really easy and smooth, showing you what are the best places  to relocate and help you find other LGBTIQ Expats in Costa Rica, also to advise where to stay, where to live and where to socialize.

Getting to know Costa Ricans and Costa Rican culture is a challenge if you do not have a clue where to start. My name is Julio Cesar, I am  the Founder of, member of The LGBTIQ Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica, I also have a background in tourism for the last 20 years, with an in-depth knowledge about Costa Rica and the LGBTIQ culture of our country.

Our team of experts  will guide you and walk you through every step of the way to  ensure you have all the necessary information you need before taking any final decisions. All our team members understand the needs of the LGBTIQ community and mostly of us are part of the community.

Contact us by email to start this amazing experience moving to Costa Rica.



Why is Costa Rica the right country for LGBTIQ people to move in?

The things that most people enjoy about living in Costa Rica is the Costa Rican culture and exploring our amazing & beautiful volcanos, beach areas, the rain forest, the different types of micro climates  that our country offers which allows you to pick the places that suite you best. There is also excellent and affordable healthcare,  widely available in Central Valley but also in areas such as Guanacaste north pacific, Central Pacific of Costa Rica. Thanks to the many beautiful attractions in Costa Rica, you will never tire of going out and exploring, which makes this a must to experience while living in Costa Rica. Also the law protects our community in many ways and supports us in many ways. In may 2020 equal marriage was approved and adoption is also legal now in Costa Rica. There are many private schools safe for your kids and family, we can guide you through all this important information that you may need before taking any major desicions.


We are one of the strongest democracies in the world, no army since 1948 and with a wide agenda of human rights and many allies that help our community to be in a peaceful environment, which makes Costa Rica a special place to live in. As individuals our rights are protected and respected. This does not mean that everyone accepts us, as in many countries there is still a lot to do to ensure everyone's equality

LGBTIQ friendly country:

Our community is spread all over the country. However the biggest concentration of LGBTIQ People is located in the Central Valley in the provinces of Heredia, San Jose, Cartago and Alajuela. Also it is good to mention that beach areas are visited by many LGBTIQ Costa Ricans and tourists that love the beach side of our country.  San Carlos, located in the north plains of Costa Rica is also an area that has an important concentration of LGBTIQ people, however is still a moderate conservative rural area of Costa Rica.

We are the most friendly destination of Central America and the only one that has approved Equal Marriage in May 2020 during pandemia. In general our people are friendly, used to meet with the community and especially with foreigners due to the many nationalities that are living now in Costa Rica for many years.

Every experience is different to everyone, it will depend on what you're looking for, your expectations, goals you want to achieve and how you want your life to be while in Costa Rica. We will guide you and support you all the time as family.


Law protection:

Non-discrimination policies has been made and best practices to protect and to embrace diversity in many costarican companies, municipalities and government offices guaranteeing all over safe places for our community.

Multinationals and nationals companies know the importance of inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Ofcourse as many other countries in the world we still have challenges to face and a lot of work to do, however we are the most safest country  in Central America to visit , you do not need to hide or  feel embarrasing for who you are, we are still a great country with countless possibilities to make of your life the best ever.


Let us help you  make your move easy, stress free and smooth. 

+ 506 8829-7237                         e-mail:                         24hours

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