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LGBTQI+ Community

Government and law

Costa Rica is the friendliest country in Central America when it comes to catering the LGBTQI+ community. Its democratic system and laws allow all minorities to stand for their rights and to fight in a pacific way in order to defend and assure same human rights for future generations.


Part of this progress can be seen in that locally, gay couples are secured with the same rights as any straight couple would within the national health care system, and by March 2020, gay marriage will be a reality for many couples that want to get married and simply showcase their love vows in front of their friends and family members! So… why not start planning your wedding now?


Pride Parade

Every year in Costa Rica the LGBTQI+ community celebrates its Pride Parade in San Jose, locally known as La Marcha de la Diversidad, which only gets bigger and bigger, getting to host more than a hundred thousand people, (that’s right, more than 100,000 people all united with love) from locals and visitors, who march from the West end of the popular Paseo Colón to the East, ending in the heart of the city: downtown!

Read more about the parade's 2019 edition here and don't miss out on joining this amazing event with our great special package, so you can experience and celebrate proudly with many Ticos!


Hotels and tour services

Every hotel you choose to stay at, and every tour service you take will provide you probably the friendliest service regardless of your sexuality or gender identity.


Generally speaking, everyone is well respected throughout the country, with most hotels being gay friendly and family oriented, so you can feel comfortable by traveling alone, with your partner or with kids and other relatives and friends.
















There are indeed some exclusive gay hotels and resorts, which identify themselves as hetero-friendly.

Honeymoons are very popular around Costa Rica, with most hotels providing special treats and amenities to the newlywed couple, such as setting up romantic dinners, spa treatments, and private tours to enjoy like a hike around the rainforest, a private catamaran on the open sea, or an adrenaline filled sky-high adventure. The choices are endless!



If you're a huge fan of culture and what to do, you'll be amazed as to how many things can be done, especially in cities like San José and Liberia, as well as town beaches like Jacó, Manuel Antonio, Quepos and Tamarindo.


Filled with museums, bars, dance clubs, and unique styled restaurants, you'll discover an urban an vivid gay nightlife, that will make you feel comfortable enough to relax and simply let go off your worries!

In San Jose you'll be able to meet locals for just about anything. And where are these amazing people? Pretty much everywhere! Then again, the city has its own array of places like exclusive gay bars, lesbian bars, dance clubs that have been open for the last 40 years, bathhouses, and go-go boy bars. Check our Things to do in San Jose for more information.


Manuel Antonio and Quepos in the Central Pacific are two other very popular places to meet locals, filled with various dance clubs, and an exclusive gay resort that hosts various parties during different weekends year-round.


Although we don’t advocate you to do so, we know that some single travelers, and even some couples are into this, so we rather provide you with some tips to keep you on the safe side for such:

  • Use your common sense, avoid walking late at night around cities and towns you're not familiar with. Take a taxi cab or request an Uber.

  • Avoid bringing someone back to your hotel room, most hotels will not allow you do this, so don't risk you being thrown away for breaking the rules. Make sure to ask beforehand, and if allowed, your guest will be asked to be registered with an ID, which is a good thing for your protection and other guests in the property. If your new found friend doesn't have an ID, this is a red flag and you probably shouldn't risk by taking him or her back with you.

  • Always make sure to play safe. Regardless of you engaiging into a sexual encounter or not, make sure to protect your mental, emotional, and physical integrity.


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