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Fun Facts about Costa Rica

  • Costa Ricans are popularly known as “Ticos”. This is because they use the diminutive nouns to refer to everything as chiquito, that is as small and sweet, such as: little cat: “gatito” (regardless of how big the cat might be!)


  • Get used to hear the expression “Pura Vida” many times, even in a single conversation and during different times of the day. Why? Because it can literally mean A LOT! From greeting someone, to giving thanks, to saying goodbye, asking “How are you?” and replying “Fine!” Basically, Pura Vida is Costa Rica in essence!


  • Need an address? No need for street or avenue numbers, instead, make sure to ask if a certain place is near or located where the “old theater” or the "old bank" used to be, as addresses are given with the use of points of references or traditional landmarks, even if they’re no longer there!


  • Every single town or city in Costa Rica has a church, a soccer field, a central park or plaza, and a small mini-market, locally known as pulperías, where you can shop for chips, cookies, toiletries, fruits, vegetables, eggs, soda, bottled water, food.. picture a small supermarket version with a very friendly cashier!


  • You'll find yourself hearing the word “Mae”, which basically means “dude”. This word is widely used between friends and colleagues and it can also simply refer to any person in general, like “ese mae esta guapo”, which translates to “that guy is handsome” or “esa mae esta rica”, meaning “that girl is fine”, so feel free to use it alongside your friends and those you get acquainted with!

  • For breakfast, and sometimes dinner, you’ll enjoy a nice dish of “gallo pinto”, which is a combination of rice and beans with Lizano sauce, a vegetable-based concoction, which is loved and known as being one of the best condiments! This is the pride dish of Ticos, which can be a source of “heated arguments” since Nicaragua also claims the dish as their own!


  • Got pineapples? We do! Costa Rica is the Number 1 producer of this delicious, sweet, and juicy fruit in the world!

  • Costa Rica has the oldest and most stable democracy in Latin America, making it an example to the world in many aspects, such as social development and sustainability. For many years now, it has been chosen to host international congresses, seminars, high-level meetings and, of course, group activities.

  • Guaro” is the local liqueur, which is made from sugar cane. Enjoy a shot, or two, with limes, especially the mandarin ones that will be served with the drink itself.


  • Following Paris and New York, San José, the capital city of Costa Rica, was the third city in the world to have street lightning!

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